Investment Thesis

We live in a changing world

Changing mobility
Changing mobility
The baseline stage has been set but a lot remains to be built to capture the limitless opportunities that mobility's transformation will bring with it

• Rapid pace of innovation
• Just scratching the surface
• Opening up new business models
Evolving consumer behavior
Evolving consumer behavior
Global demographics, as well as consumer preferences, are further accelerating the development and adoption of mobility solutions

• Urbanization
• E-commerce
• Usership
Increased environmental awareness
Increased environmental awareness
Climate change and a more conscious new generation are pushing for more efficient technologies and use of resources

• Global warming
• Alternative fuel solutions
• Regulation to minimize CO2
Our definition of the
mobility ecosystem
When we talk about mobility we think of the entire value chain encompassing a diverse set of specialized sub sectors that go hand in hand with two key global trends: ownership vs. usership & customization vs. standarization



Use cases & new mobility solutions
  • Off-Road
    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Mining
    • Cobots
    • AGV's
  • Highway
    • Autonomous trucks
    • Conveying/platooning
    • TaaS
  • MaaS
    • Micromobility
    • Ride sharing
    • Ride hailing
    • Urban mobility solutions
  • Digital Data Services
    • Shipping & logistics
    • Telematics & fleet management
    • Connected cars
    • Traffic & parking solutions
    • Marketplaces
New vehicles
• OEMs
• Scooters, bikes, cars, trucks
Vehicle architecture
• Chassis platform (ICE, BEV, PHEV)
• Smart vehicle components & software
• IoT & AI
Industrial tech
• Industry 4.0
• 3D printing
• Robotics
• New materials



Our focus within
each ecosystem
Proeza Ventures focuses on certain mobility subsectors where we feel great opportunities abound
Industrial Tech
Industrial Tech

• Industry 4.0
• Flexible manufacturing technologies
• New materials


Visual & sound inspection
3D printed components
Digitalization & automation solutions

Smart Components
Smart Components

• Autonomous driving
• Electric vehicle technology
• Connectivity
• Communication


Autonomous systems
Electric components

New Vehicles
New Vehicles

• OEMs
• Special purpose vehicles


Electric bicycles & motorbikes
Dedicated platforms
Alternative fuel cars & trucks


• Micromobility
• Car sharing
• Ride hailing
• Marketplaces
• Subscription services


Public & private transportation solutions
Car sharing
Micromobility operators

Digital Data Services
Digital Data Services

• Telematics
• New business models


Fleet management
Shipping & logistics solutions
Connected car technology
Traffic & parking solutions
Navigation & mapping

We have a global investment perspective within mobility with a special interest on the Americas, from Alaska to Patagonia
Investment criteria
• Series Seed and Series A
• First tickets from US$500k up to US$2mm
• Open to lead or co-invest
• Reserves for follow-on investments
• Actively seeking strong co-investors in all cases