Reshaping mobility

We are a VC firm investing in early stage start-ups exclusively in the mobility space


Proeza (pro’

from the latin word prodesse, which means prowess or feat

who we are

We are an early stage VC firm exclusively investing in the mobility space

We are based in Monterrey, Mexico, and Houston, Texas, looking to invest in companies focusing on industrial tech, smart components, new vehicles, MaaS and digital data services. We are backed by the Proeza Group

What sets us apart


Mobility focused

One of few mobility-focused funds in the world and the biggest one established in Latam

We bring our deep industry expertise with over 60 years in the market and global industry network


P.V is backed by Grupo Proeza, a portfolio management company with two global platforms operating in the mobility and agroindustry sectors


Within its mobility platform Grupo Proeza owns Metalsa, a Tier-1 automotive solutions provider with a global presence providing safe automotive structures to help its customers move the world



Putting the company front and center, we seek to preserve three key strategic objectives in all our endeavors

Effective, agile and prudent management capabilities that form solid, transparent and trustworthy relationships and deliver long term success


By building a solid team - roles definition, empowerment, org chart management - culture, & processes

Growth & Profitability

By focusing on key metrics and disciplined reporting

Growth & Profitability
Transparency & Equality

By exercising good judgement and decision making, open communication, reputation safe-keeping

Transparency & Equality


We are actively investing and growing our portfolio