Who we are

We are a VC firm investing in early stage start-ups
exclusively in the mobility space.

1. Our mission

To partner with ambitious and visionary founders transforming the way in which we think about mobility to make it more sustainable

02. Our Manifesto

We are committed to being a part of mobility's transformation pushing for more efficient, safety-focused and environmentally friendly solutions.

Investment Thesis

+ Mobility Ecosystem
+ Late Seed and Series A
+ First tickets from US$500k up to US$2mm
+ Open to lead or co-invest
+ Reserves for follow-on investments
+ Actively seeking strong co-investors in all cases

Changing Mobility

The baseline stage has been set but a lot remains to be built to capture the limitless opportunities that mobility's transformation will bring with it:

• Rapid pace of innovation
• Just scratching the surface
• Opening up new business models

Evolving Consumer Behavior

Global demographics, as well as consumer preferences, are further accelerating the development and adoption of mobility solutions

• Urbanization
• E-commerce
• Usership

Increased Environmental Awareness

Climate change and a more conscious new generation are pushing for more efficient technologies and use of resources

• Global warming
• Alternative fuel solutions
• Regulation to minimize CO2 emissions