Expanding our Long-Haul Truck Solution with Hino Trucks

Given the recent regulation wins in California and the explosion of e-commerce demands due to the pandemic, “going electric” has never made more sense. When we launched Xos Trucks, our flagship prototype was the ET-One, a fully electric Class 8 truck for heavy-duty applications. Today, we are excited to announce we’re partnering with Hino Trucks to manufacture fully-electric Class 7 and Class 8 trucks, expanding our portfolio of long-haul trucks. For nearly a century, Hino Trucks has been a leading, global truck manufacturer, run by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. As a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corp., they have an impressive market share, which makes us extremely excited to partner with them to deliver electric trucks to all of our customers.

Vehicles from Hino will be outfitted with our proprietary battery technology, the X-Pack, a modular battery pack system built from the cell-level up that operates as an intelligent standalone unit. Each pack has its own air cooling, allowing for critical savings in safety, weight, and cost. Our trucks have numerous benefits that make them more efficient for long-haul applications than combustion engines, including a lower cost of ownership, easier maintenance, and remote diagnostics, provided by us, which give fleet operators real-time visibility into the performance of their Xos fleet. Moreover, Xos trucks are industry-standard DC-fast charge-capable, in addition to AC charging, and can charge as fast as one hour.

Hino joins our existing network of partners — which includes UPS and Loomis, among others — which also means Xos now has partnerships for both medium and heavy-duty trucks. Together, Hino and Xos are paving the way to manufacturing reliable, affordable, zero-emission heavy-duty trucks.

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Source: Medium

Author: Jose Castaneda

Link: https://medium.com/xos-trucks/expanding-our-long-haul-truck-solution-with-hino-group-f8426f65bf3

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