Rethinking sustainable mobility in a new, digital landscape

The auto industry has attracted more than USD$400bn in investments over the last decade and most of that money has been funneled into developing technologies in pursuit of net zero. The advent of software, electrification, digital tools, and data science means that industry players have more tools than ever to rethink the future of mobility. Yansong Chen, senior VP of strategy and technology at Ricardo, says that these technologies are also changing how the industry perceives its role in interacting with the customer.

Our take: Proeza Ventures believes that sustainability and mobility are synonyms. To #revolutionizemobility, sustainable solutions must always be a key consideration. Consumer demand is driving this shift, as more people prioritize contributing to a virtuous ecosystem over individual needs. While this article highlights numerous #designs#developments, and #solutions focused on #decarbonization and achieving net zero, the key is finding the balance between meeting customer expectations and creating #profitable#businesses to make this a long run success.



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