The e-mobility customer experience will shape the grid of the future. Are utilities ready?

Canada, like many other countries around the world, has been witnessing an accelerated shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility, driven by the evolving energy customers whose lives are being reoriented around these new technologies. However, meeting the demands of these customers requires the electric utilities’ role to evolve accordingly.
EY research estimates that by 2025, Canada will need 1.1 million EV chargers and 9.9 million by 2035. Providing the necessary charging infrastructure to power Canada’s future EV drivers is one challenge. Building a flexible, customer-centric grid that can manage all those e-mobility vehicles is another.
Our take: At Proeza Ventures, we believe that the EV transition has no boundaries, and Canada is a significant player in #sustainabledevelopment. As the second-largest EV market share in the Americas, Canada is a leader in this energy race. However, the challenge lies in the “how” and “who” of this transition. Utilities have different forms and shapes globally, but they will play a crucial role in setting the path for each region/country to provide flexible solutions to meet #customercentric requirements.
To succeed in this challenge, utilities need to connect customers faster and cheaper, create #engagement along their journey, and build a robust and #innovativeecosystem. By taking this approach to enhance EV and DSO evolutions, network operators will position Canada as a champion in the #energytransition.
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